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All fruit and berry plants are Non-GMO

No Neonicotinoids used at our nursery


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We are Freedom Tree Farms, one of the largest American owned and operated wholesale nurseries, east of the Mississippi River. We grow fruit trees, berry plants, flowering, shade and ornamental trees, shrubs and evergreens in hundreds of varieties and sizes, both in bareroot and containers. We produce our own crops in the United States of America, on over 550 acres of beautiful Tennessee farmland.

We stay on the cutting edge of product lines and development by custom budding and grafting, not only for ourselves, but for college and university research programs as well. We also participate in fruit, berry, and tree research for governmental labs and independent research stations in several states.  Our consistent quality and efficiency have afforded us the privilege and ability to service America's finest garden centers, chain stores, and our nation's largest commercial fruit orchards, as well as independent growers and brokers alike.    

Please visit our online store, where you can purchase our trees and plants with a 150 unit minimum, or ask your local garden centers and farmers markets to order from us. Thank you for your interest in our farms, and we encourage your efforts toward sustainability by planting your own fruit orchards and berry farms at your back door yard!

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